Four Stroke World R&D

Four Stroke World R&D gives you the opportunity to produce a small series of: pins and shafts, big ends, valves, valve guides, flywheels.

The materials produced for you will be laser-branded with your logo and production batch. You will be the exclusive owner of the products designed for you.


How it works:

1) you send your request;

2) you get a reply with: feasibility, quotation, timing;

3) you confirm the proposal;

4) we present the technical design;

5) you accept and we agree the method of payment;

6) we will ship the products.


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 Service and Processes 

For maximum performance with the lowest cost we decided to provide our experience and our means making:

- complete service of crankshafts;

- reprofiling valves seat;

- recoating cylinders;

- squaring cylinders.


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